by Mistress Carol
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Length: 56:19

It's so easy for me to lead you down into deep hypnotic trance and when I feel you are sufficiently deep, I'm going to program your mind and install a new hypnotic trigger word deep inside of it. When I say this word to you, it will feel just like I'm taking my little hypnotic finger to the middle of your mind and pressing down on your pleasure center. Your mind will be filled with the sensation of intense pleasure. When I press repeatedly, the pleasure will build to extreme leading your mind to experience an intense mindgasm. Your body may or may not participate but it's not necessary. The power of your subconscious mind alone will have you moaning and writhing for me as I press repeatedly on this little button. I love making your mind my play toy and in this mindless state your will follow my instructions completely.

This session features:
Electronic MP3 download
Relaxing induction and deepener
Loss of control
Post hypnotic trigger word implantation
Use of hypnotic trigger word
Becoming Mistress Carol's play toy
Hands Free Orgasm/Mindgasm
Background music and vocals
Brainwave technology
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 56:19

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