by Mistress Carol
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Length: 57:48

This hour long mind-bending journey will drop you incredibly deep inside of my hypnotic control, programming you with limitless submission, removing your mind and replacing any thoughts with my will. I will control each of your senses as you experience exactly what I want you to experience. There is no place for you to go but down, deeper into hypnosis, deeper into submission to me, and deeper into my control and conditioning of you. This is a very powerful session and you will be deeply hypnotized. Leave a little recovery time and enjoy the bliss and afterglow that you are sure to experience after listening to this wonderful journey into hypnotic surrender that only my sensual voice gives to you.

This session features:

Electronic MP3 download
Very sensual hypnosis
Loss of control/surrender
Many "Sleep Snaps"
Numeric countdowns
Open-eyed trance
Spontaneous post-hypnotic amnesia
Background music and vocals
Delta level brainwave technology
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 57:48

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