by Mistress Carol
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Length: 31:27

Your reality is about to be strongly altered with this session. Everything you think is your reality disappears from you as you fall under my spell, easily submitting and giving it all to me in this very effective deep trance session. I control your reality in deep hypnosis while you surrender yourself so easily to my sensual voice and my irresistible hypnotic skills. Once I have laid your mind open as my carpet to walk upon, I will install a fun post hypnotic suggestion (mild) that will affect you when you least expect it.

This session features:

Electronic MP3 download
Sensual sexy slow technique
Surrender/loss of control
Increased submissiveness
Sleep (snap) trigger
Countdown deepeners
Love and addiction suggestions
Loss of reality
Extreme suggestibility
Feelings of euphoria
Fun post hypnotic suggestion
Feeling good upon wakening
Background music and vocals
Delta level brainwave technology
Drum beats
Recording studio production quality
Session length is 31:27

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