by Mistress Carol
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Length: 35:00

In this intense hypnosis session, you will be trained to experience surrender and submission to the dominant female hypnotist and naturally and gratefully take your place beneath our voices. We permit you the pleasure of true mindlessness while enjoying the gifts of the hypnotic feminine voice. This session will help you to become more deeply hypnotized and fall further into the power of the sacred feminine. Mistress Carol has graciously created a two-hour loop from this session for those who have purchased and would like to experience even deeper reverence.

This session includes:
Electronic MP3 Download
Relaxation Induction
Heavy Vocal Tracks including Whispers
Training to Fall Deeper into Hypnosis to the Female Hypnotist (not just Mistress Carol)
Appreciation and Reverence of the Sacred Feminine
Recording Studio Production Quality
Background Music
Delta Brainwave Technology

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