50 Shades Fagged

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes
Gay H

Listen up, cream throat! 50 Shades just got a hundred shades naughtier! Your cock is thickening at the thought of sniffing out other faggots, and it's getting especially faggot thick — which stretches beyond maximum thickness. Get down on your knees and, in no time, you'll be positioning your face where you can most sensitively feel that homoerotic bromance brushing through your hair. It's dark. It's getting late. Lighten up your sexual fire, faggot boy. You know you like your faggots under that wonderful moonlight. Don't you think guys look 100 times sexier in the dark? Now you're thinking of dark, thick, black cock slapping your lips.

That's it. It's what you want, baby. Quiver on that gorgeous faggot black cock.

Stroke yourself while you're making the faggots cum in the glory holes. Taste them all.

Take your faggot fetish to the next level, my non-defective faggot friend. Cum inside him. He's coming inside you. He wants to make you to cum. He wants you to be his faggot. Open up those soft lips, sugar darlin'. All faggot sniffers sniff out other faggots! Rock the edge, and spread your creamy snatch hole for all the neighborhood boys. Tongue out. Eyes open. Tell him what you want, "Fuck my ass, Big Boy!"

Begin masturbating as soon as the recording starts. You'll be given a countdown and instruction to orgasm! Scream falsetto, craver of cocksucking splooge!

Also be sure to listen to 50 Shades of Fag (Part 1) and 50 Shades Fagger (Part 2) This bestselling trilogy is designed to be experienced while wearing stereo headphones.

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Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):56
File Length (Minutes):30

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