Jackpot 17

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

Now’s your chance to cum again with no hands! Curl up to the sweet sound of My shimmy cake triple sevens. Cookie crumbled all over My breasts — you gonna get that? Ensnared by My sexy linguistic soft-lipped Goddess voice that speaks from the feathery edge. I’m pouring in more BELLA. Allow and permit yourself to writhe in pleasure as you indulge in euphoric hands-free cumming. Obey your Mistress!

Be sure to listen to Jackpot 1 , Jackpot 13 , Jackpot 14, Jackpot 15 , Jackpot 16 , Bellasuasion, and Bellavision and other sprinklings of recordings so when you hear specific triggers in this one, you’ll instantly react! Collect all My recordings and be rewarded with random, repeating triggers that turn you on.

There is no background music or overdubbing vocals in this one so you can focus completely on My voice and cum harder than ever before without even using your hands! No humping! No grinding! No touching, stroking or any rubbing at all!

Recording Includes:
Sensual trance, hands free orgasm command, erotic triggers, Isabella ass worship, Isabella breast worship, Isabella leg worship, voice fetish, love and addiction to Isabella, kisses and cuddles, eros mind control, infatuation, domination, cocktease, cock control, and linguistic persuasion.

Runtime: 31 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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