Bedroom Brunettes Video

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 26 minutes

Do you like watching women tease you on video? Do you love brunettes with long dark hair? Do you love watching ladies stripping in lingerie? Love it when women masturbate to orgasm? If you love women nearly as much as I do, then I'm preaching to the choir. Let's be real. This video is fucking HOT. The girls are fit, sexy, BRUNETTE, and might I add... they masturbate and LOVE it. (Nothing, to me, is worse than watching girls masturbating that aren't really "into it." These girls LOVE doing this!)

And just when you thought it couldn't possibly be MORE hot, there's more! While you're masturbating and looking at GORGEOUS (I did say they were gorgeous, right?) ladies, you will hear my voice entrancing you. That's right. Just put on your headphones and you can hear me telling you 1) how wonderful the experience is 2) why women are so sexy 3) you want this.

So you get HOT ladies, your AWESOME Isabella teasing you every step of the way, and....

Wait! There's more...

Seriously, I've been blessed by you all for being so wonderful to me all these years, I wanted to make a premium video featuring superior Goddesses. One of the greatest features of the video is closed captioning for the hearing impaired or if you simply don't want to miss a single word spoken. I typed each word by hand to match (as closely as I could) the precise moment the word was spoken. Doing so was a very time consuming process, and I can only hope that for those of you who watch this ... will appreciate the value it adds to the video itself.

Without even feeling the inclination to resist, you may soon find yourself helplessly mesmerized and ready to surrender to naked beauties. Become infused with erotic sensations as you become seductively enticed to watch two gorgeous brunettes stripping on screen! This video is extremely hot, definitely NOT safe for work.

Mistress wants you to enjoy this experience, get it! It's SOOOO hot!

Note: This is the PC version for users who can play videos in WMV format designed for Windows Media Player on PC. If you want the Mac version instead, click here.

Format:WMV Video File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):314
File Length (Minutes):26

Category: Videos
Tags: " orgasm, bedroom brunettes, brunette, erotic hypnosis, high heels, lingerie, long hair, stockings, tease, women

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