Quantum Domination Field

by Isabella Valentine
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You’re FUCKED. From a little piggy space on a smaller scale, I must appear so BIG and OVERPOWERING. This is because My quantum star field EATS YOUR MIND and you want to PAY Me forever. And the good news is, My dimensions SQUASH YOU FLAT like a pancake because your brain is the size of a peanut compared to My heavier, STRONGER quantum domination field, My DARLING PAY PIGLET. That’s right, STUPID BITCH. You can’t keep up. You’re too tired now to run in circles to chase tail. JUST GIVE UP, OLD MAN. You can’t keep up with Me, old man. DECAYING FUCK. With your wobbling, DYING apparatus. The SIREN controls you NOW, shithead. You watch too much PORN, and now it’s time to PAY. You PAY, I COLLECT. I’m BIGGER than you. I could CRUSH your bones. You could BREAK A HIP. I might take ALL your MONEY, OLD MAN! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Listen with stereo headphones, stupid shit.

Brainwashing, domination, mind control, namecalling, verbal humiliation, falling in love with Me, financial domination, particle trance, electrobot, Isabella IS superior.

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination
Tags: brainwashing, Domination, electrobot, falling in love with Me, financial domination, Isabella IS superior, mind control, namecalling, particle trance, verbal humiliation

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