Dark Angel

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

For men.

Within seconds, you are hypnotized. In an instant your mind volunteers your unconditional surrender to Me. My sweet Southern voice sugarcoats your subconscious thoughts, compelling electric nerves in your brain to relax into an incredibly transformative, deep, dark sleep. The darkness pulls you deeper into my voice and closer to me, where you discover I've cast a superior love spell that, in fact, takes over your senses. Angelically bound to me, you anticipate my affection and my touch.

There are a sprinkling of erotic triggers I use to manipulate your levels of arousal so that you respond with an impressive, desperate writhing. You will crave this feeling of being under my power and control. Once I've established the state of obsession I want you in, your trance progresses deeper. Programmed to be my precious love slave, you'll discover how remarkable it feels to obediently withhold your orgasm until I've indicated you may. This makes you happy. More importantly, this makes me happy. Conceivably, your blank mind can withstand this kind of prolonged erotic plateau, so I turned up the tease and turn down the light. You will find yourself in love and bound in erotic submission to the Dark Angel. Drop down deeper and deeper as your Angel's voice shifts in tonality, creating a radically unraveling fabric for your mind to follow. Themes of love and addiction are strong in this one. Wear headphones on full blast for stunning orgasm.

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File Length (Minutes):31

Categories: All Mp3's, Sapiosexual
Tags: cocktease, femdom, love and addiction, orgasm command, sensual domination, triggers

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