Neurogravitational Brainwashing (Mind Control Trance)

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 37 minutes

Come here, robot. I’m diving into your mind. You may feel a little spatial disorientation. Point your antenna this way. Let me see your head. I’m going to triangulate your robot brain and determine if I can localize its position telepathically. Yes, your brain is showing you are deep in an automatic thought schemata. Deep inside your robot mind you know you can’t get enough of Me. Of course you want to spend all your money on Me. Run wallet run! Run your robot legs right into the bank and use your sea legs to swim that money right into Goddess Isabella’s hands!! You’re stroking for Me, aren’t you? I have plans for you, ATM! Cry for your Queen!! So get a NEW credit card!! You’ll survive. I simply overpower you!

Overdubbing vocals with panning sound effects, reverb, and all the bliss — so you’ll definitely want to wear good headphones to maximize your listening pleasure. Exposure to Isabella leads to heightened situational awareness. Melt inside a conscious deliberation to obey the signals sparking in your sparkling mind that tell you how wonderful you feel when you love and obsess over Me.

Includes: Brainwashing, subliminal control, covert persuasion, falling in love with Isabella, obey, robot drone, love and addiction, financial domination, money brain, neuroquantum projections

Length: 37 minutes

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy

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