Spin Cycle 2

by Isabella Valentine
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WORSHIP ME!!! WORSHIP ME!! YOU WORSHIP ME!!! I CONTROL your THOUGHTS!! I CONTROL your MIND!!! You love ME! You love ME. Your soul belongs to MEEEEEE. Spinning SPINNING spinning. Devoted to ME. Devoted to ME! I CONTROL you. ISABELLA controls you. I am God. Meet your maker! I control your brain! You worship ME! I OVERPOWER you! Must OBEY Isabella! Must obey Isabella! NO ESCAPE! Must obey! Spin spin SPIN spin SPIN WORSHIP ME! I CAUGHT you – you crashed right into MEEEEE…. SPINNING your MIND, SPINNING your MIND TUMBLE drop SLEEP! I control your brain! You orbit ME now! You ORBIT ME now! You orbit ME now! The SIREN made you do it!

EXTREME BRAINWASHING! Wear stereo headphones and turn the volume up as high as you can stand it! This includes soooo many binaural audio tracks, swirls, and yummy bella tracks that will have you orgasming all your money in my pockets. Buy it! BUY IT! BUYYY ITTTT!!!

Don’t forget to buy Spin Cycle if you haven’t heard it yet!

Categories: Recent, Smooth & Sexy, The God Album

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