On A Hallowqueen Night

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 14:29

Trick or treat! Turn the lights off, light a few candles, and listen to this haunting recording anytime you want (even if it’s not Halloween)! As you all know, I was born on a Halloween night, so I thought it would be fun to make a recording that really brings out my unique spooky storytelling. I wrote a very special ghost story and converted it into a poem with a cadence, then I recorded it just for you. Many, but not all of the background sound effects were recorded here in this room. A lot of the wind blowing is actually sounds of me blowing into a cellophane wrapper holder. You’ll hear interesting scratching sounds (satin, graph paper, cardboard friction) and surprise noises that give a ghostly feel! Very cool ASMR.

You’ll definitely want to wear headphones and turn your sound up so you really get immersed in the experience! Authentic sounds of lightning and thunder and boiling bubbles play in the background while I also whisper in the “wind” and bring you to a place of delicious audio. In this recording, I re-introduce the triggers “thunder” and “lightning” for those who are new to them, so every time you hear the thunder bolts, your body shakes! These triggers are mentioned in other recordings, so this definitely crosses over. Come to the dark side. No. Go back. Go back.

Here is an introductory excerpt:

“It was a Halloween night when the wind howled,
the leaves lifted, and heavy rain scowled.
It was a dark and cloudy twisted night of thunder and brass,
a thousand burning candles and reflections on glass.

A skeleton key jiggles the doorknob but there’s nobody there,
just my voice and a creaking rocking chair.
Now that the lightbulb has flickered out,
I tiptoe to the firepit to turn the cauldron about.”

Runtime: 14 minutes 29 seconds

Recording includes:
Halloween ambience, lightning and thunderstorm, wind blowing ASMR, sound effects, ghost story poetry, spoken word storytelling trance, rain falling, sound of magic “leaves,” spell-casting, bubbly cauldron sounds, witch roleplay, voodoo chimes, story in a story, haunting atmosphere, erotic body shaking, erotic triggers, subtle financial domination, spoken with a raspy sexy voice.

Categories: Brainwashing, Recent

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