Jackpot 15

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 39 minutes

Without even touching yourself at all, cum just using your mind and your imagination. The more aroused you get, the harder you are going to cum. Imagine a beautiful woman who you feel a connection with, someone who you love and care about or would like to meet. Or you can picture me… imagine you’re being kissed on the bottom of your earlobes and your sensitive neck and around your shoulders. My voice makes you iron hard.

I give you suggestions that you are receiving a blowjob from a beautiful woman while you two have hot sex together. If I keep talking like this, you are going to cum! So many erotic triggers! Right on the teetering edge of cumming, needing to cum, aching to cum, swelling to cum!!! Feel the orgasm building inside you like a powder keg. Your cock is gonna blow! Bring yourself to the brink!

Wait til you hear my famous hands-free orgasm trigger word and them cum for me! Listening to Isabella makes you cum!

In this one I bring you in and out of trance a few times.

There is no background music or overdubbing vocals in this one… just my smooth, pure voice. Great for focusing on the hands-free orgasms!

Be sure to listen to Jackpot 1 , 13, and 14 to get the most out of this session as this one uses the same triggers and includes new ones too!

Recording includes:
Sensual trance, hands-free orgasm command trigger, erotic triggers, sexual arousal, oral fantasies, open minded cumming.

39 minutes

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