Airhead University: Speech 101

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 41 minutes
Feminization H

Like, oh my god. You totally wanna be the world's SMARTEST airhead, and I am like, so proud of you for taking this step!

But, like, this is NOT a real trance, cause that's for smart people. Besides, everyone knows the shorter your skirt is, the smarter you are.

This is going to be like, soooo totally cool! By the way, I'm Isabella. I'll be training all sissy bimbos to be real girl airheads. It's not like I'm your teacher or anything, ugh – as if! Do I look like I wanna grade papers? Learn from me cuz, like, I know everything. All you have to do to look smart for men is to get caught up on your tabloids. Textbooks are for boring people that wear flannel. Ew. We are, like, soooo much better than they are. Duh!

And what people don't understand is that being an airhead requires skill. Like, it's super hard. I mean, God. You try bending over in platforms in the rain while trying to apply lipstick so you can get a free taxi ride. It's not easy, trust me. Not anyone off the street can be an airhead. But you've got potential. Makeover!

I'll also show you how to flirt with men to buy you stuff, and how to tilt your head, pout your lips, and how to wear girlie stuff. And it's important to tease guys and make them think you're interested even though you're really not. After all, you just want their money. I'll teach you how to fool them by just using a bunch of cool words and flirting with them and showing them a hint of your panties. I have a PhD in Airhead-ology and have like a sweater proving it, so you can trust me. Deal? And like... if you graduate and do really well, you'll earn a big giant gold trophy! But you'll have to take a whole bunch of classes for that.

Now here's what's really cool. I do like a small bit of erotic trance on you without sounding like a total airhead and when this happens, your IQ gets smaller and smaller. This will help you on your way to becoming the perfect airhead. And the dumber you get, the more ditzy I begin to sound! So dumb in fact, that well, there aren't any trigger words in this cause... eh... what are trigger words? Who cares? This isn't real anyway. I'd like to call this brain conditioning, but that's too big a word for you right now. What we really care about is that really cool purse at the mall! Come on already! Let's go!!! Like hurry up already so we can get going!

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