Swallow 3

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 41 minutes

Here by popular request!

Let's go deeper into the journey of celebrating your body with more self-tasting and sexual discovery!

This session is designed for bisexual men who have already "tried themselves" but want to increase sexy mindfulness of how to adjust the currently existing flavor to be SWEETER, creamier consistency, and a more palatable enjoyable ejaculation.

This femdom erotic adventure begins with a slow, meditative induction to relax the naked body (yes, come prepared by already being naked please!). Your skin becomes intuitively aware of arousing sensations throughout the body. Basically, a great "knowing your body" induction through awareness. Works great when naked and masturbating!

Come face to face with Japanese fantasy playmate Mistress Nanomi (if you're in a committed relationship, feel free to pretend your partner is roleplaying the part of Nanomi) who enjoys walking on your back in high heels... and you love to kneel and lick her boots. Very sexy, sensual domination. Complies with ethical femdom practice with consenting adults. Safe, kinky.

Prior to the swallow suggestion, the fantasy flows in many directions and includes fractal suggestions of receiving oral sex from a man and a woman. Divine, loving.

Self-tasting is a beautiful experience free of embarrassment or shame. When we open and accept ourselves as we are, to really commit to our distinct personal flavors, we also open ourselves to be more delicious for our current and future partner(s).

After your masturbate to orgasm, I'll share with you sex secrets on how to sweeten your ejaculate. When we know how we taste, we get a glimpse into how others taste us. You DO want to taste even better, yes?

Here is an excellent resource on "How to enjoy swallowing cum" which includes everything from testimonials, reasons why you should swallow, nutritional benefits, intimate sex benefits, tips on safer oral sex, and over a hundred swallowing tricks and tips.

You don't have to be a contortionist to enjoy tasting yourself. Unlike previous Swallow sessions, you will not be asked to put your legs over your head.

A very special thank you to meditation musician Anjey Satori who created the INCREDIBLE background music for this session which is titled "Immersing Into Trance." When I first heard the song, I knew it would be PERFECT for Swallow 3, and Anjey, who lives in the Ukraine, agreed to license it to me. Browse his album store at CDBaby and Magnatune which contain music that feels like you're in outer space, under the sea, in the forest, and chilling under the rain.

You cum what you eat! Taste your sweetness. Crave the taste of cum and how it comes out. Fully and completely feel rest and erotic awareness.

Optional: To experiment with fruity flavors, feel free to listen to this with a Lifesaver in your mouth, under your tongue. To prevent choking, please have the Lifesaver ready to grab mid-recording (such as on your chest) so you can have it available prior to ejaculating. Have a glass of water on your nightstand.

Come prepared ready to strip because we'll be starting the mp3 naked. Take a deep stretch in mind yoga and lie down with yourself.

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