Birthday Bitch

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes

Well, well, well... aren't you the lucky boy. Happy Birthday! Today is your special day cause I'm going to turn you into my bitch. It's perfectly acceptable to use the birthday as an excuse to try something new, something you'll wish you'd experienced sooner. I dare you. After all, what happens on your birthday stays on your birthday... That's right.

In this very special erotic birthday recording, I invite you to experience debauchery. Kinky, are you wearing panties? Imagine how awesome it would be to see your cum fly up into the air just by reacting to a word. Ever been given a lapdance by a shemale while wearing panties? Mmm this should be fun!

It need not matter if you've ever fantasized about a shemale. Soon this will all be just a haze. In this recording, you will be introduced as though you are a FIRST-TIMER to shemale cock (female with tits and cock) in a gradual and smooth transition. You can feel good to know that this fantasy is designed completely around your birthday so that you can have your kink without guilt. After all, you do want to have a fucking incredible orgasm on your birthday, right?

If you know any open-minded friends who are hard to shop for on their birthdays, consider the gift certificate option, and recommend Birthday Bitch in your personalized note. Give your friend the gift of shemale lapdance. In the same way one might purchase a night with strippers for a bachelor turning 30, this is especially great for guys turning 18. Be a man. Maybe you can already hear your friends chanting, "Do it! Do it!" It most certainly will be a conversation piece that's for sure!

Note: You're welcome to listen to this whenever you want so you can experience your birthday every day! Or... you can save this as a "Once-a-Year Treat." Either way, you can never EVER say you were alone on your birthday. Your Mistress is with you

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Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):32
File Length (Minutes):35

Categories: All Mp3's, Feminization, For Shemale Lovers, Gay/Gay Humiliation
Tags: dry-humping with a shemale, erotic triggers, fantasy lapdance with shemale, introduction to shemale, nonsexual post-hypnotic suggestion, panty masturbation, pantywearing (you and me), Sexual hypnosis

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