Bella Kush

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes

One hit of this and you might just become addicted forever. You might even fall in love with Me. But if you’re going to smoke it anyway, smoke a bunch of it. Believe Me, this is premium grade Bella Kush. Feel the power coming into yourself. Feel the cosmic forging of pleasant thoughts firing in your mind. Deepening trance, some change in sensations. It is possible to become so addicted you are hypnotized by the increased theta activity. Relaxation becomes deeper and more complete. Esoteric, wispy, ghost-like particles opposite and spinning madly, deeply in admiration of copiously, astronomical exotic motion of the planets that spin microscopically on the square centimeter of My big toe. My Holy Ass is the early universe and has controlled your mind since the beginning of time.

Be sure to wear headphones and get totally stoned on these echoey beach waves, gentle thought waves, and whispery sound waves bend like palm trees to the sound of My voice as I control your mind.

Recreational marijuana trance, love and addiction to Goddess Isabella, sensual beach fantasy, particle physics, progressive financial domination, massaging My feet, sensation matrix, slow-burning love.

35 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Financial Domination, Smooth & Sexy

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