Winning Thought Waves

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 39 minutes

Go after what you really want, Beast! You’re on fire! You’re unrivaled. There’s no stopping you, honey. I believe in you! This victory is yours. You crush anything that tries to stop you. Never give up! Punch hard in the face, Beast! Nothing worth having comes easy. Hang in there, Sexy Beast! Now is the time to make your move. Boss up! You’re going to crush your next goal so hard, aren’t you!! Leave some wins for the rest of us!!

Be sure to listen to this whenever you need Isabella in your corner cheering you on as you press forward towards your big life goals. Victory shall be yours! Claim your victory, champion!

Background includes overdubbing vocals so be sure to wear stereo headphones for maximum impact! Turn up the volume as high as you can stand it

Recording Includes:
Motivational trance, encouragement to win, victorious brainwashing, supportive mind control, beast mode, arousal, obey Mistress, self-improvement affirmations, inspirational quotes, sexy wisdom, never giving up, cheering you on, championing you, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm command.

Runtime: 39 minutes

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