by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 27 minutes

Pupil dilation. Looking at pictures and videos of Isabella produces a distinct response indicating strong arousal and interest in orgasming. The pupils dilate dramatically when they see My gorgeous curvy round thick ass. If My voice makes you ache to touch yourself, then do so rapidly, and do so now — with your eyes closed while you visualize ME in your mind. No one else. Me.

Stimulation of the sensitive skin on your horny cock sends impulses along the dorsal nerve to the spinal cord, which relaxes to the sound of My voice, and it soothes the trabecular muscle of your penis. My voice releases oxytocin into your spinal cord, filling you with pleasure and satisfying desire.

Strategically placed reverberated vocals intensify the trance. My voice fills your mind. My voice fills your COCK!!! Orgasm for Isabella when I SAY!

Background female vocal electronica music features “Sunlight” composed by Per Kiilstofte. Produced by Machinimasound. Track attribution Subscribe to their YouTube channel for No Copyright Music here.

Recording Includes: Sensual trance, love and addiction to Isabella, erotic triggers, brief rapid orgasmic triggers, visualizing Isabella while you orgasm, female domination, cock control, brain to sperm process, activated somatic sensory receptors, spoiling Isabella, sustained erectile stimulation, plus hear Isabella’s fantasy!

Runtime: 27 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Femdom, Financial Domination

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