Dizzy ASMR

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

Time-invariant mind massage… My fingers in your mind… Molecular motion infused by addictive brainwashing. Feather falls from the sky in a continuous spiral. Right here, the best spot for stargazing. Iridescent, smoky quartz pendant dangles between My breasts. I’ve caught your attention. Eyes on the wet rosebud. Soft pink nipples tweezed lightly above the water.

Introducing two new erotic trigger phrases and one new erotic trigger word! PLUS several random triggers from previous recordings are repeated here — as well as triggers that haven’t been defined yet. Lots of replayability — you could listen to this a year from now and feel a trigger you never noticed before if you are a loyal buyer. Be sure to listen with stereo headphones for the most enjoyable experience ever. This recording uses hands-free orgasm triggers from previous recordings so if you’re already conditioned to instantly cum, then you’ll go nuts over this one! Collect them all. And definitely get this one. Add to cart.

Oh did I mention this has My dj hand all in it? The swirly affects from the touch sensors make your brain go gaga.

Recording Includes: soft spoken ASMR, whisper trance, roses, love and addiction to Isabella, financial brainwashing, sensual cocktease, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm triggers, progressive relaxation, paralyzed by My voice, romantic submission to Isabella, female domination.

Runtime: 31 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination

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