Words of Power

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 23 minutes

My voice is a figment of your imagination, except when figment equals zero, in which case, you must obey Mistress to the end of the Earth. Processional motion, subsequently sleepy soft sexy satin lips blowin’ kisses. Yeah baby. If I were truly mind controlling you, wouldn’t I hypnotize you to love Me and pay Me lots of money? See… I don’t know HOW to mind control you! I don’t know HOW to put words in your brain that cause you to fall deeper but not too deep… but deep enough so it’s worth your time… but not too deep or else that means I control you…

There are several trigger words used from previous recordings — too many too list! Plus there are overdubbing vocals and layers of trance playing all around your mind in stereo sound that you can’t resist! If you liked my “Don’t Watch” video, then you would MOST DEFINITELY like this too! Same style!

Note: I’ve read books where doctors point to the fact that many amputees can continue to feel sensations of pleasure in their “phantom” or “missing” limbs or areas. This inspired me to create a recording where the listener can feel a “phantom cock” which is entirely invisible and capable of feeling pleasure. Though reality and fantasy are different, I thought it would be a fun roleplay. In this recording, you get to orgasm with your invisible cock!! Your actual cock might cum too, but that would mean that I control you. (*wink*)

Recording Includes: Feeling a phantom (invisible) cock, cumming with your phantom cock, brain stimulation, erectile brainwashing, reverse psychology, intelligent induction, love and addiction to Isabella, spoiling Isabella, implanting suggestions, erotic triggers, orgasm command plus random hands free orgasm commands!

Runtime: 23 minutes

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