Mindless Bimbo the Video

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 12 minutes
Feminization BW

Relax bimbo. I know sometimes you like to mindlessly stare at pretty girls getting off while you are being bimbobrainblonded. Surrender to the softer side of airhead thoughts as you bliss out, horny for more of my mind candy. So now as my gift to you, here is the video version of Mindless Bimbo! The video for men features women pleasuring themselves for the purpose of your arousal. The harder you are, the more mindless you are. The more mindless you are, the easier it is to plant my suggestions into that bimbo head of yours. 12 minutes of audio and video pleasure for your senses.

You're too smart for your own good. Time to forget your credentials (temporarily) and IQ points (also temporarily) to become dumb as a doorknob. Masturbate in your new mindless state of bliss while your hard cock begs for more of Isabella's sexy orgasmic sounds of pleasure. Your eyes are vacant and lost as you twirl your hair in your red, shiny shoes… speaking in your faint, tiny voice (all in the privacy of your own mind). Become baffled, brainless, and horny while you orgasm in a mindless state. Take a journey through your air pockets and descend into complete, wonderful braindumbdom.
Note: Stereo headphones or stereo speakers recommended.

Special thank you to DeAndre Towns for helping put this together!

Format:Mp4 Video File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:Yes
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):160
File Length (Minutes):12

Categories: Feminization, Videos
Tags: " orgasm, amnesia, baffled, BDSM, bimbo, bimbo brainwashing, Brainless, confusion fetish, femdom, goneness, hypnotic, IQ play, Isabella worship, mesmerizing, mindless, submission

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