Poison Ivy

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 34 minutes

It’s been said My succulent ivy petal lips are poison, that one little harmless kiss from Me could cause a sleep coma. Darling, you’re not going to let a little venom come between us are you. My kiss is extremely concentrated. They say one dose and you might feel a new kind of labored breathing. I’m Poison. Poison Ivy. The fruit of My kiss is a spirally-arranged sweetness that is most irresistible. You are powerless to My potent pheremone perfume. You’ve been patrolling My fragrant sex pheromones for a kiss.

You’re not really guarding a diamond in a bank. You’re inside the Lair of Poison Ivy. That diamond is a centerpiece on My patio table. The keys you are holding are getting very very heavy. Place them in My purse…

All I have to do is say one magic word, and you’ll orgasm without even using your hands. Walk with Me and make sure no one tries to stop us.

Recording Includes:
Poison Ivy roleplay, pheremone trance, mind control amnesia, hallucinogenic fantasy, deadly and delicious deception, love and addiction, hexoidal kiss, venom induced sleepwalking robbery fantasy, and hands-free orgasm commands.

34 Minutes

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