Jackpot 20

by Isabella Valentine
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We’re taking Jackpot to the 20th power, baby! You’re going to cum so hard, you’re going to see stars. Imagine whoever you want to fantasize about in this particular session. After a sexy trance induction, I’ll say a few things you need to know about your sperm, forever hooking you to feel aroused by My control. You’ll never be the same.

Be sure to listen to Jackpot – No Hands and Jackpot numbers 13-19 so you’ll be familiar with all the trigger words I say in this one. Buy all My recordings and be constantly aroused by words that remind you of what they did for you before. Yum yum!

Recording Includes:
Sensual trance, hands free orgasm trigger, increased sperm count, generating germline cells into sperm cells via trigger word, orgasm countdown, erotic trigger words, visualistic poetry, artistic language, erotic manipulation, sexy dream woman fantasy, sunrise garden, addiction to My erotic recordings.

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm

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