Vanishing Point 2

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 41 minutes

Designed so you fall asleep faaaast! Having difficulty falling asleep? You’ll be out like a light in noooo time. Sleep deep and journey into the sound of My voice as you have sweet dreams. Allow My words to guide you into automatic slumber using words that are already familiar to you from My recordings. Allow your active brain to wildly engage with hundreds of sentence fragments, verbs, nouns, prepositions, unique phrases, and a puzzle of word play that are impossible to hold on to, making it so easy to just let go and fall asleep.

Consistent audio pacing from beginning to middle to end without crescendoes, interrupts, countups or countdowns… and completely loopable! This mp3 has no pre-talk or after-trance talk. Keep this going for hours, and you may even wake up SMARTER, ready to output OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE! Great for men or women. Adults only.

This mp3 includes binaural audio sound, whispers, echoes, multiple layers, reversals, reverb, overdubbing vocals, soft relaxing meditation music (Anjey’s music played in reverse — go check out one of my favorite artists, Anjey Satori who composed this golden music.

This is a sequel to Vanishing Point, however you don’t need to listen to the first one to enjoy this one. Be sure to loop them both on repeat, on your playlist, while you sleep for the night! If you like sleeping in trance, be sure to check out Suddenly Asleep Love and Suddenly Asleep Love 2. Listen to Goddess Isabella all night, baby.

Recording Includes: Random words and phrases, sleep trance, insomnia relief, echo whisper trance, deep relaxation, adult entertainment, hypno sleep, fall asleep fast, mostly nonerotic words but has erotic undertones and numerous triggers from my recordings, and linguistic patterns.

Runtime: 41 minutes

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