Mind Tattoo 2

by Isabella Valentine
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In a world projecting in billions of colors across your mind, there exists a presence so beautiful and enigmatic, that the very second you close your eyes, you connect with it from every vantage point, every dark shadow illuminated by high voltage light waves that travel through the vacuum of space time, where everything revolves around My Holy Ass consuming your mind…

This ENTIRE recording is one long sentence. I wrote it myself — by hand — and then recorded it and fine-comb edited it how I like to hear it. I do hope you enjoy what I have created for you!

Also includes:

Femdom, domination, ASMR, Goddess energy, findom, financial domination, Goddess worship, whispering, sheer black stockings, weak mind, curvy body fetish, sleep fetish

This is a sequel to Mind Tattoo . Like the first one, this has no background music or overdubbing vocals. However unlike the first one, this has a phasing frequency moving through my voice which pans gently in a circular reverb pattern as I speak. Very mesmerizing and hypnotic!

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Smooth & Sexy
Tags: ASMR, curvy body fetish, Domination, femdom, financial domination, findom, Goddess energy, Goddess worship, sheer black stockings, sleep fetish, weak mind, whispering

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