by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 44 minutes

Empty your thoughts as I tease you with photographic details of a woman wearing lingerie. Indulge in the reward of surrendering your power to evoke your arousal. Allow these words to hover over your lucid, horny thoughts to deepen your experience. Oh yes, you do want this. Sprawl out, put on your headphones, get ready to dive headfirst into erotic fantasy.

This is why you've come here. This trance recording navigates around the feelings the body receives when it nestles the mind in egotism. Relax... and receive. The tease is as tempting as the chase is thrilling. This classic, timeless recording is slow and rocking ... to pleasurably excite your curiosities. Be sure not to be "on the verge of sleep" before the session starts ... we don't want you accidentally dozing off (unless you want to)... best listened to when winding down for the evening.

Masturbation is encouraged and suggested until the last possible second, in which case, you will be instructed to stop touching and orgasm without using your hands. Fantastic alternative to those who are still trying to have the ultimate hands-free experience. This "assisted hands-free" trance will allow you to satisfy your prolonged erection till the very last second!

The smooth barely-there piano compliments the "sound-effect-free" experience for those who prefer one voice to many. Expect longterm re-playability. This mp3 designed exclusively for gentlemen who have good taste in women. Special thanks to musician Kevin Macleod for the "Almost in F" piano soundtrack.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:No
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):81
File Length (Minutes):44

Categories: All Mp3's, Goddess Tantra, Hands Free Orgasm, Isabella's Choice, Sapiosexual, Smooth Trance
Tags: corset fetish, cosmic energy, erotic hypnosis, erotic triggers, leg and foot fetish, light sensual domination, lingerie fetish, lucid traveling, stocking/garter fetish, surrendering power and control

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