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Length: 34 minutes

It feels better now. You’re with Isabella. Now you can breathe. Good thing I’m here too because I know how you can get when you can’t live without Me. Picture Me in your mind, consuming your mind, hijacking your thoughts, controlling your brain, making all your neurotransmitters point to obey and worship Isabella, your only true perfect Goddess. Stroke your cock for Me and orgasm when I command you to. My brain overpowers your mind.

Picture how hot I am in a sheer black dress, a gold chain, and a white fur around My soft Goddess shoulders. Can’t live without Isabella having everything She wants. I love it when you make it all about ME! You’re Mine forever! All Mine damnit! Ache for My control. Stroke your cock and spend lots of money on Isabella. Stroke it for Me. You’re so hard right now aren’t you. I control you. I possess you. You’re Mine to have. You live to serve and obey Me. You want to cum so bad. Stroke it. Don’t stop stroking. Think of My control over you. You have no control when your cock gets this hard thinking about how your soul belongs to Me. Worship Me, My pet. I’ll tell you when to cum.

There’s no background music so you can surrender completely to My voice alone.

Recording Includes:
Addiction to Isabella, Femdom Trance, Obey Isabella, Female Domination, Isabella Worship, Soul Control, Mind Control, Erotic Trigger, Arousal Domination, Orgasm Command, Penalty For Cumming Early, Financial Domination, Financial Seduction, Girl on Girl Fantasy, Financial Addiction to Isabella, Brain Control, BBW Body Worship.

34 Minutes

Categories: Devotion, Femdom, Financial Domination

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