Eros Mind Control

by Isabella Valentine
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My words enslave your sleepy slave mind, drone. I control your mind! I control your soul! Worship the ground I walk on. Kiss away every thought. You are being programmed to be My slave. Worship Me, My slave. You are a mindless programmed robot here to worship. You are falling head over heels in love with Me. Mind controlled to obey, serve, and love Me.

Surrender to the smooth sound of My hypnotic vocals while you wear your headphones. You’ll submit completely when you hear how utterly enticing these layers all weave together to magically penetrate and manipulate your mind to My will.

You know you’re just aching to have Me program and brainwash you to fall deeeeper in loooove with MEEE!!!

Includes: Mind control, love and addiction, obsession, mindless robot, Goddess worship, servitude, orgasm denial, femdom brainwashing.

Categories: Devotion, Femdom, Smooth & Sexy
Tags: femdom brainwashing, Goddess worship, love and addiction, mind control, Mindless Robot, obsession, orgasm denial, servitude

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