by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 28 minutes

Rest now, My angel. The dream has you hypnotized by that pretty blue light. Rest your mind on knowing I’m right here with you, opening you up where My love comforts and relaxes you. You want to touch yourself, but only I get to touch you this time. No touching, sweetheart. Love’s kiss from My angel lips, Bella Luna Lovin’ like the rising phoenix soaring in the cosmic music strings, flickering lights in billions of glorious colors, like helix fire flames do when they pass Jupiter on the way to orbit the sweet gentle warmth of My wings around you.

Fantasize forever that you’ll be Mine for Me to have. All to Myself. You can be with others too, but when we play, I like to feel like the only girl in the world. You’re getting so incredibly aroused for Me. You’re on the verge of cumming. Right on the brink of orgasm. Wait for Me to say the magic word, and you’ll cum with no hands just listening to the sound of My voice. You don’t need hands to cum. You only need Isabella-la-la-la-lala-lala-lalalalala. You can’t help how wonderful Bella makes you feel.

This recording sounds better if you’ve already successfully had hands-free orgasms listening to Jackpot-No Hands and others in the Jackpot series! No music or background noise in this one — just My sexy, irresistable voice making you feel so damn good.

If you don’t want to feel My hands or tongue everywhere on your body, don’t buy it. (If you wouldn’t want that, I question why are you even here?) In this recording, I playfully tease your cock in the manner I want. You can’t touch, only I can.

Recording Includes:
Sensual trance, loving poetry language, erotic tongue triggers, hands-free orgasm command, stroking and licking your cock with trigger words, love and addiction, loving Me, being Mine, hypnotic dance, infused happiness, edge play, and snuggle aftercare.

28 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm

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