Sexy to the Core

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes
For Ladies Couples

Imagine yourself within a cave for a moment. You're 150 feet below sea level, far beneath public ground, and a safe and overwhelming feeling of earthy containment surrounds you. When you explore new places, do you do it for the "awe" factor? To love yourself madly, deeply, sincerely? Do you long to love yourself from the inside out so that it bursts out of you like a force of nature? One of my favorite outdoor activities is exploring caves with a friend, a couple flashlights, and an open mind. Sometimes a couple of ropes, if necessary. Millions of shades of brown dance upon the walls in the presence of a light source. Without visible light, a cave is so dark it is impossible to even see a waving hand in front of a pair of eyes. Within the stone and mud covered walls, little droplets of water randomly drop to the ground, several feet below. It's been said that if a water droplet lands on you, you've been "kissed by the cave" and good luck will be yours.

I love caving with such passion that I want to re-experience the joy of being immersed in a sense of wonder, love, and integrity with self and nature. After some months of playing with different ideas, I finally decided to blend caving with self-love, inner confidence, and peace of mind. I've come to deeply appreciate the confinement and containment that takes place within the stone walls of a cavern likely to be millions of years old. This is a safe recording created with love; partner-approved! I've had a growing number of requests for sessions that men, women, couples, and adults of all walks of life can enjoy and share with their lover(s). This is for you. Enjoy alone or with a partner(s). I hope you like it, my friends! Best to experience with stereo headphones. There's a lot of reverb in here which is quite similar to a genuine experience in an actual cave.

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