Jackpot 18

by Isabella Valentine
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Place both of your hands by your side. Spread your legs slightly. Allow all of the muscles in your upper shoulders to soften. Allow all the muscles in and around your neck and in between your shoulder blades to completely relax. Imagine a soft white ball of light hovering a few inches above your shoulders comfortably relaxing that area of your body. You can move the light anywhere you want in your mind… over your arms… over your legs… over your tired feet… over your sleepy head… over your horny cock.

The light is gentle. The light is kind. The light is over your mind, your mind filled with light; bright and beautiful. Before you know it, you’ll hear my special trigger word that has you picturing sexy women lifting their shirts and showing you their breasts. Imagine Isabella playing with all your fantasy women, squeezing and sucking their breasts, playing with their soft nipples — making them hard. Sleep for Me Now….

The first minute and a half of this recording has overdubbing vocals to very quickly bring you into trance and then it gradually focuses on just one primary voice channel. Pretty soft reverb makes My voice feel so yummy and sounds even better if you wear stereo headphones! Be sure to listen to Jackpot 1 , Jackpot 13 , Jackpot 14 , Jackpot 15 , Jackpot 16, and Jackpot 17 before you listen to this one since I use all the previous triggers plus introduce new ones! Oh this takes the arousal to a fucking hot level!

Recording Includes:
Sensual trance, hands-free orgasm command, erotic triggers, women flashing you their breasts, upper body orgasms, lower body orgasms, fantasizing about Isabella playing with women’s breasts, cocktease, girl on girl nipple play.

Categories: Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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