Devoted to Me

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 31 minutes

Feel My beautiful words wrapping around you like a second skin. With each breath, notice the comfort of My Goddess embrace as I hold your sweet, hypnotic surrender. You are drawing closer to Me now, and I am removing the chains of darkness from your life. Rest and relax and be at peace as you return to the light of My voice. With each breath you bring into the body, you become more powerful, confident, capable, and energetic to be completely devoted to Me.

My control is your fortress. My power is your security. My love for you carries you over the obstacles that may try and block your path. Breathe in My Goddess Love. Breathe in your Goddess Isabella. Love conquers all. Love is ours. Love is so powerful it even loves those who rebel against it. Your devotion to Me is courageous, and because of your growing courage by knowing Me, new doors will open for you. New opportunities will present themselves to you as you complete projects that matter to you. You will easily move through those doors of opportunity because the grace of Goddess Isabella has opened those doors for you.

In this special recording, there is no music or whisper voices playing in the background. All you’ll hear is My beautiful voice on a single sound track speaking without anything in the background except a light reverb. Very intimate feeling. If you’ve ever wanted to feel even more devoted to Me than ever before, this session is for you.

Recording Includes:
Love for Isabella, devotion to Isabella, submission to Isabella, positive affirmations, financial gain, wealth regeneration, healing, stress relief, hypnotic surrender, sensual domination, sleepy relaxation, strength from Goddess Isabella in your life, new opportunities, encouragement, health, prosperity, optimism, and happiness.

31 minutes

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