Jackpot 27

by Isabella Valentine
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Release: Jul 2019
Length: 31 minutes

Imagine making love to the woman of your dreams and feeling as though it were really happening. This erotic visualization invites you to picture anyone you want in a beautiful and warm environment. Great for men or women! If you loved the first Jackpot – No Hands, you will definitely love this one!

Nice and slow. Soft and steady. Making you feel at ease and very comfortable. Just let yourself go…

So very relaxed and ready to feel pleasure. Willing to allow your entire body to feel waves and waves of erotic bliss. A tsunami of orgasmic waves flooding your body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Everywhere on your body that you can feel anything at all… fill it with pleasure. Just like filling a pitcher of water. Fill your body with all the pleasure you can stand. The more pleasure you feel, the happier you will also feel. You deserve to feel good.

Recording Includes:
Guided hands-free orgasm, sensual talk, erotic triggers, hands-free orgasm trigger, masturbation-free orgasm, desire, visual seduction, encouragement, respect.

Runtime 31 minutes

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