Jackpot 13

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 35 minutes

Isabella’s voice makes your cock hard. Yes… you feel so good when you are with Isabella… that’s why you want to cum with no hands again and again. When Isabella is on your mind, you ache with pleasure. Oooh you’re making My nipples hard, baby! Your cock grows iron hard for Me… iron hard… thinking of being owned and dominated by Goddess Isabella. I own you. I possess you. I’m your Mistress. Deeper and deeper for Goddess.

My power turns you on. Show Me how good you obey. You live to serve and obey My every command.

You belong to Me. And now you ache in beautiful sweet, delicious agony to serve and satisfy your Mistress Isabella, who hypnotizes you to feel so good when you are under My magnificent control. You can barely hold back from touching yourself, but no touching! You are going to cum with no hands. Wait until you hear Me say the magic word!

There is no background music in this recording so that you can fully submit in surrender to My sexy voice.

Recording includes:
Sensual trance, female domination, submission to Isabella, erotic triggers, hands-free orgasm command, you playing with My nipples, cumming with Me, fingering Me while you cum, hot tub seduction, financial domination, being owned and controlled by Me, edge play, and losing control to Mistress.

35 minutes

Categories: Financial Domination, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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