Soul KqnTrL

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Imagine I’ve placed a billion trigger warnings on this one. Warning: scary. Warning: evil. Warning: aaah run away! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by guys that they love My “evil brainwashing” recordings the most. Even though I have sweet, loving, healing stuff, the ones most in demand are the ones where I “possess you” and exploit your weakness to My power. So I decided to give you all one of the most intense “evil brainwashing” experiences I could playfully come up with. It’s so “dangerous” I had to erase half of a much longer recording just to make it safe for your soul. Warning: Don’t listen if you’re a first timer or you’ll be fucked for life. The rest of you loyal, returning customers already know it’s best to just give in and remember that you are fucking MINE. Buy ALL My recordings. Even if it scares you. That means this one.

Be sure to wear stereo headphones and turn the volume up as high as you can stand it for a real MIND F*CK!!!

Recording Includes: Intense brainwashing, mind control, erotic triggers, soul control, possession, love and addiction to Isabella, human-robot programming fantasy, Jackpot hands free orgasm triggers, assigned slave number, owning you, financial brainwashing, financial domination, female domination, findom control.

Runtime: 30 minutes

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