The Satori Sutra

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 88 minutes

Get to know the spirit of Isabella Suzanne Valentine up close and personal. Perfect for single men and women or people who are polyamorous.

An epic, profound masterpiece unlike any other... Zen fusion of sensual enlightenment, progressive deep layers of relaxation. Meditative. Clean. Clear. Sexy. I welcome you to hammock on my House of Pleasure, a Fijian chateau in the mountains overlooking the oceans and calming zen garden. You are drawn to me as you become one with Spirit. Erotic undertones in my sweet white water lily Goddess kisses. Embrace the stillness of erotic love in a glorious sunbath as you transcend the elements.

I would like to give you gifts:

1) The meanings of my names, and how this applies to you (and me)
2) You are given a reversable trigger that has two purposes. You respond to it. AND when you say it to me, I respond to it.
3) Oneness and Connection to Spirit
4) The opportunity to experience and fully understand true personal satori
5) surprise

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