Naughty Naughty

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Isabella Valentine and Goddess Lycia present a classic femdom trance ausio for those who love kink, bondage, and much deserved punishment.

Have you ever looked at a woman in a lustful, lewd manner and all you could think about was how bad you wanted to fuck her? Admit it. You didn't even look at her face or her eyes. You just wanted her body. Well that's just naughty. Bad boy. For all the times you've looked at women disrespectfully, you're going to be punished, beaten, shocked, and suspended.

You naughty boy. Be prepared to be suspended in our dungeon up high in the air with your legs spread with spreader bars, tied together with ropes and steel cuffs, hoisted high high high up to our stone ceiling. You've been bad. Very very bad. The only way to modify your indecent behavior is to discipline you the hard way. First we're going to entrance your mind to be open and suggestible to our commands and triggers so you feel the necessary pain and punishment. How dare you look at women like they're just sex objects. For that, you're going to get beaten with our riding crops, floggers, and our hands. The more you try to squirm and get away, the more horny you will get.

Feel Goddess Isabella glide her violet wand over your most sensitive areas while Goddess Lycia jolts you with her remote control which activates the strong electrodes all over your body. Good boys get kisses. Bad boys get electrocuted. And because you have been so improper, not only are you going to feel our wrath on the outside, you're going to feel it on the inside. We're going to stuff your ass with an inflatable butt plug and make it get bigger and bigger until you can't take it anymore.

Open your ass and shut up. We're here to teach you some manners. When we get through with you, you will have learned how to be obedient, compliant, and submissive to dominant women. Powerful women command and deserve respect. Will we let you cum? Do you honestly think you deserve it? It's up to our coin toss.

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Categories: All Mp3's, Femdom, Two-Girl At Once
Tags: bastinado, bondage, candle wax, chain suspension, corporal punishment, cuff play, electrocution, electrodes, erotic hypnosis, erotic triggers, femdom, flagellation, inflatable butt plug, kinkification, male submission, power exchange, riding crop, rope play, sensory deprivation, spreader bars, violet wand, weighted nipple clamps

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