Dizzy and Addicted

by Isabella Valentine
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The PENDULUM dangles on a golden glasp that hangs over the EDGE of My Goddess fingernail. And you are so DEEPLY RELAXED… I am HYPNOTIZING you. LOVE me more than anybody. Show me. WORSHIP and OBEY. You need this. And no one brings you more BLISS than Goddess Isabella. The PENDULUM sways back and forth. Right to left. Obey. SWAYS back and forth. That hangs over the edge of my finger. Sways. Obey. Sways. Obey. So BEAUTIFULLY. ADDICTED to MY POWER and MIND CONTROL. WEAKER and WEAKER. Obey Goddess Isabella. You are being MESMERIZED by my perfect hazel eyes. SURRENDER your will to me fully and COMPLETELY. Love me more than anybody. TRUST me with your SOUL. You WANT this. You NEED this. You will NOT want to MISS this! Buy it now! OBEY your MISTRESS!

This *audio only* mp3 is a beautiful femdom ASMR brainwashing for erotic hypnosis fans. Sensual domination never felt so sweet. Be sure to listen with your stereo headphones, close your eyes, and be swept away by the sound of My smooth Goddess voice.

Categories: Devotion, Femdom, Smooth & Sexy

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