Suddenly Asleep Love

by Isabella Valentine
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Fall asleep to the sound of My voice. Bella Luna pulls you into January sublime sleep. Relax in the hands of time as you journey across the cosmos in a wintery paradise. Glistening shards across moonlit snow invite you into the most beautiful dream. Diamonds glittering on the icy shores that hypnotize each crackling frosty edge, mesmerized by the pull of the chilly, winter air… snowy weather is great for lucid dreaming like this. I’m here, darling, right here by your side. I love you.

This original audio dreamscape was created with love and designed for you to play it while you sleep for the night. You do love to be wrapped around My finger… come this way…

Written by, produced by, and performed by Isabella Valentine.

Music, vocals, instruments, and all sound effects also by Isabella Valentine.

Categories: Recent, Smooth & Sexy

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