Princess Goo Goo

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 42 minutes

For all the pantyboy princesses out there who want to feel like a special little girl who goes off to la-la-land, you'll truly appreciate the vibe in this recording. This is a fantasy hypnosis bedtime fairytale that includes lots of playfulness along with effective “story within a story within a story within a story” deep-layer hypnosis method. This is designed to be listened to before bedtime and is designed to help you fall asleep with beautiful, colorful dreams!

Enchant yourself with all the wonderful things you'd like to experience as a princess! This session begins with you in her arms, sucking on her breasts that are full of yummy milk, and as you take in the delicious nutrition, Bella starts her hypnotic storytelling. You'll be led into your own treehouse with a tin can where you can talk to Isabella as she hypnotizes you to fly far far away.

Find out how rainbows are formed in the land of rufflebutt panty-wearing princesses, a magic flying fairy with a special wand to hypnotize, and a talking Goddess cloud who becomes hypnotized unexpectedly. Because this is a bedtime fairytale, no masturbation or orgasm is implied (although you certainly can if you want), and no triggers are given. However there are a few very cute hypnosis suggestions implanted, one of them being an innocent pickle sucking fetish – but rest assured, there is no homosexuality suggested in this recording.

Actual excerpt from the beginning of the recording:

It's getting late, love. Close your eyes and get under the covers so Bella can tuck you in. Good angel. I'm so proud of you. Now put your head on this pillow and relax now. It's time to go to sleep. Sleeping is so fun and relaxing and you'll get to have good dreams about you and me holding hands running in the cherry blossoms in beautiful fields. You can do it. Yes you can. Yes you can. Here, open your mouth and suck on Bella's breasts. You're so thirsty for my warm delicious milk. Good princesses like to drink lots of milk for yummy calcium. Can you say calcium? You love my beautiful full breasts don't you, sweetie. That's right. Open your mouth. Take your hand and latch on to it really nice and good now. Yes, just like that. Go ahead and suck on my breasts. Mmmm the milk is yummy isn't it? You love my warm, delicious milk. It's warm and sweet and nutritious. It's so good for you.

Fetishes include:
Fantasy hypnosis, roleplaying, deep layers of hypnotic storytelling, playful characterization, lactation fetish, magic flying fairies, princesses, Goddess cloud, rainbow magic, rufflebutt panties, female nudity, hypnosis within hypnosis, lullaby singing, fairytale bedtime story, cute and harmless post-hypnotic suggestions, and youthful fun as you drift into sleep.

This recording could be considered “taboo” for some because Isabella uses her “very girlie voice” and talks to you in the same way. It is important that I express that this session complies 100% with Niteflirt's Terms of Service and DOES NOT mention: babies, adult babies, infantillism, or age play. This is for adults over the age of 18 who enjoy lactation fetish and the playful side of feeling young within magic fairytales. Enjoy this fantasy at your own risk.

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):39
File Length (Minutes):42

Categories: Feminization, Nice Girl, Roleplay, Sci-Fi Geeks

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