Hot Love Oil

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 32 minutes

Soft ambient light welcomes you into a very ritzy bathing ritual in Goddess Isabella’s soothing rain spa. Feels sooooo gooood and waaaarm in the hot tub, with a waterfall wall, as I massage your neck and pour warm water over your relaxing shoulders. I’m right there standing in a strawberry velvet teddy and a short black skirt and tall heels. There’s a violet and pink glow in the Tantra lounge tonight. Everything about Me makes you want to cum.

You’ll love the poetic attention to detail as I describe cavernous ceilings, marbled floor, indoor jacuzzi, exquisite furniture, and an open moon window where you watch the stars from your view in the hot tub. Scented candles with fragrant macchiato and merlot with a speck of peppermint relax your senses as I massage you with aromatic Monticello coconut and Bella Luna hibiscus oils, rolling your thoughts softly among the magic fleur on this lazy Sunday night.

Definitely not safe for work. Be sure to wear headphones so you can hear the delicate attention to detail in the warm reverb surrounding My voice and calming ambience. There is a random Jackpot trigger word spoken, so it is possible you may spontaneously have a hands-free orgasm while listening. Could easily become your new favorite. Best if you listen to this when you’re horny and sleepy.

Recording Includes:
Love and addiction, playful cock tease, random Jackpot trigger, soothing Valentine rain spa, hot tub massage, elegant couture lingerie and heels, Goddess Isabella signatures tattooed on your mind, sultry mind control, unbottled poetry, chillout and relax, erotic entertainment.

32 minutes

Categories: Devotion, Hands Free Orgasm, Smooth & Sexy

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