That Chill Spot

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 25 minutes
For Ladies Couples

Ever have nights when you know you need sleep but all attempts leave you restless or tossing in bed all night? Ever have nights when you KNOW you really REALLY need the rest cause tomorrow's a big day but you have too much on your mind? Ever just want to sleep without the fuss?

This layered trance recording is designed to RELIEVE insomnia so you can get a GREAT night's REST! Listen to my sweet, calming voice lull you to sleep with voice-overs, repetition, whispers, and relaxing entrancing poetry. Very mellow. Very wav-v-v-y.... very.... gone.

The ultimate goal of the mp3 is to conk you out.

There is no implied masturbation or orgasm (no sex, just SLEEP). There is no domination other than the occasional "Close your eyes and sleep." There are only safe and awesome suggestions, so you can go right to sleep without over-analyzing the intention of the words. This is perfect for listening on repeat throughout the night so you don't have to turn it off when it's over. The goal is simple: sleep! This is great for men or women, singles or couples, or multi-sexual stars. Once you go to that chill spot, it'll be a special place where you can return to ease sleep night after night.

Within the suggestions are vague open areas of void as well as dream. You can just as easily go into "nothingness" as you can into gagaland.

Before listening, please reduce all lights that may interfere with your sleep. This includes bathroom lights, night lights, fishtank lights, living room lights, lights from tv, and ANY SOURCE OF LIGHT. Cut it off, if only for tonight. Studies show (and you can look them up on that people who sleep with less light are less prone to bouts of depression and wake up with more energy after a better night's sleep.

Enjoy your new freedom to sleep easily and calmly throughout the night!

P.S. From my own experience with this mp3, I usually fall asleep within the 2nd play. By all means, repeat it. For deep insomniacs, play it throughout the night rather than just once. For me, two is the magic number. What's yours?

Format:Mp3 Audio File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:Yes
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
File Size (MB):25
File Length (Minutes):25

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