Red Goddess

by Isabella Valentine
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Welcome to my world, I am the Red Goddess, with magical hands, poisoned fingernails, red glowing eyes, and tonight I will own your soul. Take a hypnotic journey with Me down into My cave hidden behind a dark forest and watch in helplessness while I steal your soul and keep your spirit trapped within the vial around My neck. Watch in desperation I turn you into My eternal slave.

Fetishes include: relaxation technique in forest, visualization induction hypnosis inside a dripping cave, masturbation triggers, post-hypnotic suggestion to keep you eternally aroused, ejaculation command, paralyzing your body, paralytic poisoned fingernails, red hypnotic eyes, magical trance, soul removal, eternal obedience, superpower, body and mind control, a thousand blowjobs, and enchanted enslavement.

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