Neurogravitational Brainwashing 2

by Isabella Valentine
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Light bounces back and forth in your mind, robot. Converge into that special place where the distortion of light overlaps itself in the Bellature of spacetime. You’re in MY Matrix, robot! You can just keep rubbing along the vertical while the cluster of neurons in the periphery gravitate towards My Nucleus, NOW. A signal in space comes to you NOW. Come closer to Me NOW. Hypnotized by the epoch of first light distorting you NOW, robot. Excuse Me while I take your money. No shut up, it’s not your money. It never was, robot. It’s ALWAYS been Mine. I’m so sweet to take it! Goddess Isabella scatters light over your sleepy nested pendula vibration isolation system perfectly aligned with spoiling Me at a moment’s notice.

Wear headphones for MAXIMUM pleasure! Lots of overdubbing vocals, multi-layered tracks, binaural effects, and unrelenting brain pulse you can’t resist!

Brainwashing, financial domination, falling in love with Me, being obsessed with Me, Mind Control, neuro signals, black and white holes, extremely sensitive pressure waves, gravity, electromagnetism, full wallet rinse.

Categories: Recent, Femdom, Financial Domination
Tags: being obsessed with Me, black and white holes, brainwashing, electromagnetism, extremely sensitive pressure waves, falling in love with Me, financial domination, full wallet rinse, gravity, mind control, neuro signals

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