Holy Goddess

by Isabella Valentine
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Isabella becomes God. The recording starts off in Bible form, except designed to program you to obey Isabella’s personal Bible. Very blasphemous because Isabella takes the role of God and demands worship, praise, and reads Her eleven commandments aloud. Also within this recording, Isabella creates the devil (on your left shoulder) who tempts you to resist Her and creates an angel (on your right shoulder) who convinces you to keep listening. There are many voices that you will hear and many you may not understand. This involves unethical post-hypnotic suggestions. This has binaural audios with several dual layers and multiple voices – must have at least 2 speakers.

Fetishes include:
God fetish, blasphemy and religious fetish, devil/angel fetish, breakdown of resistance, masturbation triggers, orgasm trigger, post-hypnotic suggestions, financial domination, harsh warnings and demands, unethical suggestions, horrible consequences if disobedience, Goddess replacement, kiss/blow fetish, brain being shut down, soul slavery, female superiority, male submission, virgin girls fetish, and much more.

Categories: Brainwashing, Financial Domination, The God Album

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