Perihelic Mind Trap 2

by Isabella Valentine
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After you’ve listened to the first Perihelic Mind Trap, you’ll definitely want to hear this AMAZING sequel next! Be sure to add this to your playlist when you need to binge on My hot, sexy, erotic hypnosis recordings. This recording assumes you’ve listened to Jackpot – No Hands and ALL the recordings in the Jackpot series plus several recordings from my store. This is for advanced users who are programmed to react to dozens of random triggers that I’ve introduced in many previous sessions.

“… the light from the sun shines the particles and antiparticles inside your body, radiating the stars in your eyes and the protons and electrons in your arms and in your legs, and thinking about it can evoke a warming sensation — as if you were lying under a warm sun while you vacation on a beautiful island — where the tiniest pebbles of sand on the beach remind you of the thousands of billions of millions of billions of suns and galaxies and imploding binary systems…”

You are CAUGHT in My orbit as I ensnare you with My gravity! The perihelic mind trap gets stronger and you feel My energy wrapped tightly around you. Finally at the end, after you’ve orgasmed with no hands, I leave you with amnesia triggers so you can’t remember all the suggestions I’ve put in your handsome brain interface. So deliciously devious! Maximum strength intelligent trance for strong men who love/hate being weak to Me.

Recording includes:
Phosphenes meditation induction, addictive erotic triggers, hands-free orgasm triggers, physics, astronomy, magnetism, gravitational fields, sexual attraction, mind trap, masturbation, intelligent entrapment, Isabella’s gravity, sensual frequencies, brief financial domination with amnesia, light female domination, caught in My orbit, pleasing Goddess Isabella.

Categories: Brainwashing, Cosmic, Recent, Financial Domination, Hands Free Orgasm

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