The Oscillator Room

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 30 minutes

Collapse in sleep and obey your Mistress Isabella! I OWN your soul. I CONTROL your MIND!! You live to serve and obey Me, slave. Shut up and stroke faster, MAGGOT! I’m going to make you cum so hard, you might just CRYYYY!!! I’m collecting male tears. It’s the holidays, and I do enjoy decorating. You only get to cum when I call you a STUPID FUCK! Take your hand off your dick, Private Parts! I’m going to make you cum with NO HANDS, but if I tell you to stroke it, you’re going to fucking stroke it. Everything you do, you do for ME!!!

Note: I was going to title this recording “You Belong To Me, Maggot” but I was concerned how people might perceive you if they found that on your computer. So I titled it something a little bit more ambiguous. See, this is why you love Me.

There is 50% more content in this recording, all meticulously condensed into a half an hour! Ultimate brainwashing sequence with binaural reverberation and strategically placed phrases that overlap mid-sentence. You’ll be out like a light.

Be sure to wear headphones so you do not miss all the exciting fun!

Recording Includes:
Brainwashing, mind control, financial domination, female domination, light humiliation/namecalling, money slave, love and addiction to Isabella, erotic triggers, hands free orgasm command, puppeteering, cock control, belonging to Isabella, taking your paycheck, pay pig, owning your soul, Goddess worship.

Runtime: 30 minutes

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