Dirty Kink

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 18 minutes
Gay H

That's right, folks. If you love sexual hypnosis recordings, then you'll love how it looks on video! This "Dirty Kink" erotic hypnosis video is a sexually-explicit, hormonally adventurous, ejaculate-inducing adult film with hypnotic trance loops, nude sex scenes, and upskirt snake dancing. Enjoy the fast-paced porno-style debauchery featuring male-male-female (guys on girl, guy on guy) action. Deep penetration, relentless cocksucking, eager handjobs, cock-sharing, facials, and of course... my voice in the background hypnotizing you to crave every minute of it!

This is definitely NOT safe to watch in public places like in the office or public transportation. Great for watching alone or with a partner. This does NOT include double penetration in the traditional sense but instead guides the listener to embrace both pussy AND cock — with today's preference leaning more to cock.

Stereo headphones are highly recommended so you can hear the whispers, vocal layers, subliminal trance sounds, and overdubbing vocals that coalesce into an immersion of erotic sexual pornographic hypnosis in video form. Or as I like to say it, it's not porn. It's yes! It's yes hypnosis. You'll see why. You won't be disappointed. You'll DEFINITELY want this in your repertoire.

Side note: I can't tell you how many times I had to interrupt the video editing process to begin masturbating. Naturally, I love watching guys together (among many other fetishes). This turns me on soooo much. Cum watch with me!

Format:WMV Video File
Sound Quality:Professional First Rate
Vocal Sound Effects:No
Prop Sound Effects:No
Background Music:No
Overdubbing Vocals:No
File Size (MB):189
File Length (Minutes):18

Categories: Gay/Gay Humiliation, Hardcore Porn, Videos

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