The Cheating Wife

by Isabella Valentine
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Length: 21 minutes


* Idea taken straight from the Brainstorm Vault*

If you are a cuckold, then you will LOVE this recording!

This is the phone call that every cuckold waits for and most faithful married man dread. Actually it isn't just one phone call, but 3 of them.

I am a friend of your wife and she gave me your number to give you all the details of her cheating escapades on this one eventful night!

Phone call #1
I am talking to your voicemail because you refuse to pick up the phone. Your wife is in the nightclub with a hot black man. I tell you what I see (kissing, petting, them starting to make out, etc)... as he begins to flirt with her. I am desperately trying to convince you to put a stop to this since this is your wife! You two are married!

Phone call #2
Still talking to your voicemail. Starting to rain outside as I walk to the car. I start following them home and see her head go down on his lap while he drives! She's giving him a blowjob! Why aren't you picking up the phone? Don't you want details?

Phone call #3
I figure I'll keep talking to your machine but you must be getting off on this. I am spying on them at their place and it's raining outside, pouring crazy... thunder and lightning! Sounds so real, you'll swear it's really going on! I peak in the windows and wow... she's definitely cheating on you all right. (And I get pretty damn graphic too!) You can even hear her screaming and orgasming through the window yelling, "Give me your black cock!" It's absolutely insane.

Fetishes include:
Your wife cheating on you, interracial couple, 18yr old high school sweetheart reference memory, long term marriage, "I could stop them if you want me to" fetish, being unable to do anything about it, him having more expensive things than you, inadequate in bedroom, hearing wife orgasming through window, blowjob, pussy fucking, doggy style, fucking on back, cum shot on face/swallowing, being forced to listen to wife, and very realistic sound effects that feel as though the phone calls are extremely real (the phone calls you dream of!)...

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Background Music:Yes
Overdubbing Vocals:Yes
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File Length (Minutes):21

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